School Magazine is published once in a year which contains activities and events held in the school and outside school throughout the year.

















Newsletter is published twice a year which contains the activities and programmes organized in the school and outside the school in the current session.

“In the ocean of life, we struggle all the time. We battle against circumstances. Let us accept the Will of God.”
~ Dada J.P.Vaswani
 On behalf of the SVISG Editorial Team, I  take pleasure in presenting our second e-newsletter “Sampark”. In this issue, we are proud to share the achievements of our young and committed students as well as the events of our school. Over the last two years the pandemic has taken over our lives but the efforts of the School and the Parents have been invincible as is evidenced in our issue. Hope you enjoy reading our e-newsletter.
Stay Safe!
Warm regards
Santosh Vyas


Published once a year and it contains information (residential address, Telephone  No., Email ID, Citations) about the outgoing batch of class XII.

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