Parent Student Testimonial

1. My daughter Ridhima Mishra is currently studying in class I C of SVISG. She joined the school in the year 2020.So far it has been a wonderful journey for my child in the school.SVISG has ensured an all around growth of my child with a highly competitive and vibrant academic environment.I have seen amazing class teachers of my child who have gone the extra mile to ensure she is on the right path of learning .

Thank you, SVISG!

Ms. Madhubala Mishra and Dr Ritesh Kumar Mishra
Parents of Ridhima Mishra, Class-I C

2. I especially opted for the school for my daughter because of the teaching and learning environment here. I am very happy that my child is in the hands of such eminent, skilled, and professional teachers, staff of SVISG.I feel extremely proud to be part of the parent group of SVISG family.The values and foundation, the school has instilled in our kids is priceless.This school meets my child's particular needs.I would love to recommend this school to other parents as well .

  Thank you!

Ms. Rinku Singh
Parent of Vedanshi Singh Class II C

3. SVISG is an excellent school which has provided our daughter a safe environment to thrive and develop her talents. I commend the institution and its faculty for their patience, support, empathy and understanding towards the students and their families in the unpredictable post-COVID times. We deeply appreciate how they have drawn her out of her shell, and helped her excel not only in academics but pursue other interests as well. Thank you for providing the students with an excellent foundation on which they will build their dreams.

Ms. Sonali Sharma
Parent of Saanvi Sharma, Class: I-C

4. During the entire four years of our child’s journey in the school, I'm very satisfied with the level of care put in and the performance of my child. All the activities look well planned and the devotion of the teachers is incredible. My child, Yashika, has grown into a confident student because of the great inputs given by the teachers and the whole family of SVISG. I thank the school for helping my child into her overall development of her personality.

Mrs. Nikita Khandelwal and Mr. Neeraj Khandelwal
Parents of Yashika Khandelwal, Class 2-A

5. We were concerned about our children rejoining in the offline mode when school was going to start after the two years break due to Covid. I would like to appreciate the efforts of the teachers.I would also like to thank the entire school faculty for putting in so much effort for our children. I also appreciate the involvement in the development of child-teacher relationship and the evolution of children which displays the dedication and attributes of the teachers during online classes. I am also thankful to all the subject teachers and teachers involved in extracurricular activities. Because of them, it was evident that Avika's basic concepts were improving on a daily basis.She felt comfortable during the interaction session with the teachers and always eagerly waited for the next day's classes.

Pooja Seth
Parent of Avika Seth , class II-C




SVISG is a second home for the heart and the soul. It provides the tools and skills necessary to forge our

niche in the world. Whether it be supporting our varied interests at its core or fostering achievement and

healthy competition in academics, it provides a platform for all. The teachers are incredibly supportive and understanding, guiding us every step of the way. The values and established traditions such as the Friday assemblies or daily meditation sessions provide a sense of peace and belonging. It has truly been an imperative epoch in my personal development.


Anyone who has been a part of the SVISG family knows about the affection and mannerism the school

embeds in each and every child. From the past 13 years, the teachers have loved and pulled me up

proportionately, which has ultimately helped me to become a better version of myself. The

infrastructure, the faculty and the values- the school has ingrained in me, have helped me build a strong

firm for the future. The school helps the students in building skills like courage and curiosity , to step

beyond the ordinary. Overall SVISG has built my roots firmly to stand in front of the world independently

and achieve greater heights.


I am so grateful to have been able to attend Sadhu Vaswani International School for Girls. It has been an

incredible experience, both academically and socially. The teachers here are top-notch, and they go

above and beyond to help students succeed. I love that they offer many different options for learning,

including online workshops and sessions. I also really appreciate how supportive the administration is of

their students’ individual needs. My experience at the school has been life-changing, and I am so

thankful that I was able to make it here.


Sadhu Vaswani International School for Girls is not just a school, but a second home. With well developed infrastructure, embedded within a landscape of blissful and pleasant greenery, SVISG adheres to a holistic approach. The school not only offers digitised learning through ICR, well-equipped laboratories,libraries with an extensive collection of books but also vast playgrounds with volleyball, basketball courts and  a play area especially allocated for the primary school. It provides an opportunity for the students to thrive in co-scholastic areas by organising clubs and activities. All the teachers make sure to bestow individualised attention upon the students.


I want to thank our school authorities for their immense support in serving us with the best and guiding

us towards the right path. Our school not only focuses on academic learning but also provides great

opportunities for building our knowledge and values be it academically, spiritually or morally. I loved

every second, be it good or bad that I had the fortune to spend time online or offline in  the school.


Personally, I feel schools play an important role in the character development of a child , which I can

happily say that this school did for me. Be it being punctual or be it about being honest about a situation and owning up to my actions, I got the taste of them all. Another thing which I highly appreciate about this school is that teachers here are very friendly and approachable.


This school indeed has a lot of facilities to offer and what I love the most is the practice of OM chanting in assembly and the way SVISG encourages and promotes our Indian tradition i.e. the music, dance and how they celebrate different kinds of festivals is indeed praiseworthy. In addition to this, our school has a many activities compared to other schools in the form of various sports, SUPW and the Club activities scheduled twice in a week.


Never thought schools can be so amazing! Studying at SVISG has always been fun even in the pandemic.

We missed school days instead of holidays because teachers were so co-operative and engaging that two

years were not enough to assimilate their knowledge.


Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today. I

have been prepared to seize the day and every single one that follows with the opportunities provided by

my school . Each activity that I participated in had a lasting effect on my mind . SVISG provided the exposure needed to grow and stand alone free of fear or doubt.


SVISG has always been my happy place. This school brought me immense happiness and positivity. I have been a part of SVISG since LKG and teachers have always been cheerful and ready to solve every doubt. They taught e not only about the subject but also every single thing about life. They always encourage student's talent and even support students to bring out their talent in all possible manner. I am always grateful and proud that I am a part of SVISG.


This school is amazing!Great environment and very welcoming atmosphere. Academics program is strong as well but it still leaves time to pursue other interests. The staff have always been helpful and transparent with anything and everything when it comes to the students. I highly recommend this school.


My school has been a quotidian harbor for more than 5 years now. It has provided a conducive

environment for healthy competition and achievement. Every event, competition or activity that I have

taken part in has fond memories of me learning something new every time.There are always novel and

creative ways to learn and grow whether it being competitions, olympiads, performances, or even

academic activities The one I particularly cherished is the Literary Week . The moment I stepped in I felt

like no matter how wrong things could go, I would always belong here. It has been a great run and I will

dearly miss every little ritual , teacher and friend that I cherish here.


The school has always taught me skills and lessons through various experiences that it has provided.

From Friday house competitions to inter-school events, our school has always served the best opportunities to help us grow and flourish in each and every aspect of life. I thank our school for

helping us mould into the person we aspire for and help build so many memories that are going to be hard to forget.


I am privileged to be part of SVISG . 12 years is not a short time but I never

realised the time passing and how the years rolled by and made  my school my second home. The environment is so homely and students are so friendly .The best part is that the teachers are understanding and we can share anything with them and anytime . Our school provides us with ample opportunity to explore new things. Whether it's academics ,sports or other co-curricular activities,our school always supports its students by providing appropriate facilities. I am fortunate that my parents took this decision for my future.


My school is a place where students come to acquire education. Here we learn to perfect our words and make our first and dearest friends. Here we learn to compete, to fail and to never give up. Here we learn to meditate to make memories and never stop smiling. Here's my heart and my home.


I’ve been in this school for the past 13 years and have only great things to say about my experience.The teachers are super sweet and amazing. They are passionate about seeing their students succeed and are

extremely helpful and cooperative. The atmosphere in the school is quite friendly. Overall it is one of the

best schools of Delhi.


From all the years that I have been in this school, I want to appreciate all my fair-minded , inspiring ,

skilled and supportive mentors who always have a strong positive impact on my attitude and personality.

This school is perfect in its own ways and our school management’s efforts are appreciable.


My experience at SVISG has been exceptional. The teachers are truly invested in students' holistic

growth. It enables the students to learn life skills such as cleanliness, forgiveness and gratitude. It’s a

perfect blend of co-curricular activities and academics.It provides best opportunities to excel in all

fields.My school years have been the formative years of my life and with the right guidance of my

teachers, I have gained a lot of resilience, integrity,morale and knowledge from my time here.


Sadhu Vaswani International School for Girls encourages their students to participate in co-curricular

activities and offers a lot of opportunities. The teachers take initiative to help the students

whenever required. The students in school love competition in everything whether it's studies or sports

or in any other aspect.The school has been incredibly supportive to me and my peers which is highly



Sadhu Vaswani International School for Girls focuses on the all-around development of a child, be it in

academics, co-curricular activities, sports, or personality development. Being a part of this school has

impacted me in numerous ways. The school provides a healthy and competitive atmosphere to the

students which are worth appreciating.


Sadhu Vaswani International School for Girls integrates compassion into their teaching standards,

emphasises the importance of values, and builds leaders through their classes and lessons.Teachers are passionate about seeing their students succeed. They are so great about sharing moments of pride they see within us – their good behaviours and achievements; and they know the importance of getting the parents involved should an issue arise, and do it in a very respectful,approachable manner.

Great team – great school!


A school is a place where students are taught the fundamentals of life, as well as how to grow and

survive in life. My school SVISG is my second home where I spend most of my time. Above all, it has given me a platform to do better in life and also build my personality. I love it dearly and am grateful for every memory provided by it.



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