Projects Undertaken

School projects are designed to promote research oriented activities in order to enhance students’ skills in the areas like observing, analyzing, concluding (creating), evaluating and applying. These activities help students learn without burden since they enjoy participating, exploring and discovering.


SVISG is in collaboration with CHINH Early Education Web Channel has introduced Media Literacy Programme for SVISG student from Class 4 onwards in the year 2010- 2011. 

Alongwith media Literacy activities (film making & Animation), students have participated in Media Camps and international media literacy programmes organized at SVISG and other Venues in New Delhi. The outcomes (short films) produced by children in the workshops are web cast for a world premiere on Every year the programmes for parents and teachers with international and national media experts are held during International CHINH INDIA KIDS FILM FESTIVAL. 

Selected SVISG students enrolled for Media Literacy programme of animation represent India in International Children Jury, media camps and media arts workshops heldby CHINH chapters across the globe. 

Last year, SVISG girls represented India in Seoul International Youth Film Festival in South Korea and Giffoni Film Festival in Salerno(Italy). This year too, SVISG student is sent to Italy for international youth media exchange program by CHINH in Italy. Media literacy students are currently preparing to work with international and national media experts, serve as interantiional jury and host 6th International CHINH INDIA KIDS FILM FESTIVAL 2012 to be held in collaboration of Ministry of External Affairs, GOI. 

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All the Environment awareness activities are such that to make the  students , environment literate and create Green minds who would understand the scope and significance of their role in sustainable use of natural resources.  In Green School Programme, students took up assignments individually and audited the schools’ environmental practices. They disseminated the collected information and encouraged others also to do environmental audits at home and in the community; like-to monitor the water and electricity consumption in the colony or building. 

Seeing our green performance, the Hon’ble   Chief Minister, Mrs. Sheila Dixit felicitated our school for securing 8th rank in All India Green School rating. This award was given jointly by Delhi Government and Centre for Science and Environment.

Policy on Environmental Conservation 

Keeping in view, the global concerns of the environmental degradation , various activities have been designed to promote conservation of natural resources as reflected in the educational philosophy of Sadhu Vaswani i.e. Reverence for All Life and Love for Nature. We aim to sensitize and arouse concern for environmental principles among our students. The process emphasizes on minimizing waste, saving energy and water, using public transport and protecting our bio – diversity. Through programs like Meatless Day and Animal Rights Day, we simulate in the students commitment for environmental conservation. The schools’ policy involves innovative methods and techniques to create awareness for sustainable development.
SVISG has been conferred the International School Award by British Council for exemplary practices of Internationalism. We continue with our projects on International dimensions where our students participate in International exchange programmes.
SVISG has well organised plan to create and nurture the culture of Disaster safety in school and prepare staff ,students and their parents to face the challenges as well as the threats due to natural and man made disasters. We continuously work on it for capacity building, education and training.
SVISG participated in National competition of ‘School Safety Plan ’, and our school safey plan was selected as one among top 15 plans and awarded by National Institute for Disaster Management. Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India. The Award comprises of a Trophy, Certificate and a Cash Prize of Rs. 25,000. 
We strongly believe that the process is as important as product. In order to have education for sustainable development SVISG has taken up following long term projects.

»Links with Parents, and School Boards 
»Links with Community 
»Formal curriculum (core& non core) 
»Cultural Diversity 
»Pupil participation and empowerment of badge holders ( Student leaders) 
»Safe and Supportive Learning 
»Whole school approach to learning for sustainability 
»School Resource Management 
»Teacher’s Professional Development 
»The school ground: - An Ecological Conservation Project 

As the child is a natural learner, the objective of the Outdoor Laboratory is to enhance and enrich student learning as an integral part of curricula by providing opportunities for hands-on, experiential, authentic learning in an outdoor setting. In addition, Outdoor Lab fosters opportunities for student growth in environmental background through enhanced awareness, appreciation, and sense of responsibility for the environment, themselves and others.

»Science park 
»Field studies for understanding Biodiversity in the school gardens/field 
»Topics related to environment